Gallery Updates

The gallery was updated with some images this evening.

The following photo shoot albums were added: Tiffany Keller, Goran Jurenec, Lindsay Ellingson, Ricky Paull Goldin, Alan Wilder, Kristian Alfonso, Depeche Mode (with 4 members), Paolo Seganti.

The following public image albums were updated/added: Laura Wright, Michelle Stafford, Heather Tom, Tamara Braun, Haley Pullos, Darin Brooks, Kelly Kruger, Paolo Seganti, Roselyn Sanchez, Noah Mills.

Heather Tom Update

I re-did Heather Tom’s image album at the gallery. There were some images that were in a weird format so I had to fix them. Some more images were added to her gallery as well this evening.

Gallery Updates

The gallery was updated with some scans and images this evening.

The following scan albums were added/updated: Tiffani Thiessen, Y&R Cast, GL Cast, GH Cast, AMC Cast, The Chancellors, Chance and Chloe.

The following public image albums were added: Live, Lov/TC Cast, Noah Mills.

The following photo shoot albums were updated: Noah Mills, Anthony Stravlo, Daniel Villa, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lindsay Ellingson.

Jennifer’s Gallery

A lot of scans and images have been added to Jennifer’s new spotlight gallery today. There are already over 20,000 images at the gallery. Her images at the main site’s gallery will now be deleted since her gallery has been under way.

Process Started

Fans of Jennifer Lopez can be happy here at Gazing Stars. I have started to work on her spotlight gallery, which you can access using this link. Over 12,000 captures have already been added to the gallery. It will take a while for all of her pictures to be added to this gallery. Things will be changed around the gallery as well this time around.

Since I have Jennifer’s gallery up and running, her images at the main Gazing Stars gallery will start to be deleted.

Jennifer’s Coming Back

Gazing Stars will give Jennifer Lopez her own spotlight gallery…again. I am working behind the scenes to make this happen before 2018 ends. Once her gallery is up and running, her pictures will disappear from the main gallery here at Gazing Stars.

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