Scans Added

Added some scans tonight of several celebrities.

Scans of the following celebrities have been added: Adrianne Leon, Ashley Jones, Alicia Leigh Willis, Anna Lee, Bree Williamson, Cady McClain, and so many more.


Another Update

January is the month is which one of my favorite actors, Cary Grant, was born. January 18 to be exact. So for the month of January, Cary Grant will be represented very well at the Gazing Stars Gallery. The header images will be all Cary, all month. With the new year starting, the gallery header changed slightly in design. I made it a little cleaner.

Also, captures that I had of select soap operas have been added to the gallery. I have some more captures to add and it will get done along the way. So far, I’ve added some older captures of General Hospital that I had.


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