The Process Begins

I have decided on what to do regarding the spotlight stars. I’ve added a number of pages to John Driscoll, Vanessa Marcil, and Jennifer Lopez that includes at least a bio, facts, and quotes. If I decide to add more pages for those stars in the future, then I will. Those three stars also have their own galleries. You can access all of those stars’ pages by clicking on the Spotlight Stars link.

As for Jon B, right now I’ve decided to keep his own site up. So when you click on his name in the section, it will take you to my site dedicated to him titled Jon B. Land. There’s also a gallery there.

So that’s the process for now. There are four spotlight stars with their own in-depth galleries for visitors to check out. I hope to update all of the galleries under Gazing Stars regularly.

In addition to that, I am hoping to add news and stories about all of the stars (including the spotlight stars) here at Gazing Stars. I’m going to try this out and see how it all goes.

There might be more changes in store for the site. If so, I’ll drop you all a note.

Happy Birthday!

Today (July 17) is the birthday of actor James Cagney. TCM has been showing his movies all morning and afternoon. You can view images of this great actor in our gallery.

Ciara Tweaked

I tweaked Ciara’s album in the photo shoots section of the gallery. I mistakenly put in photos of Fergie in Ciara’s album. So I took out the Fergie pictures and reuploaded Ciara’s pictures.

Say Goodbye…

…to Eva Longoria and Vanessa Marcil from Gazing Stars. I have started mini-sites/galleries for both of the actresses and will delete their photos from the Gazing Stars gallery. Both actresses and their sites/galleries are listed under the “Spotlight Stars” section of the site. I hope to do that for other celebrities that I have an extensive amount of images for. Vanessa and Eva’s sites are works in progress so please pardon the dust. Their galleries are live and running so you can check them out now.

Coming Back

Gazing Stars is coming back with a new layout! I’m testing things out now with a new, magazine style layout. In the next few days, changes will be made so please pardon our dust. I want to get the site poppin’ with new images for the summer.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! Hope you all are having a safe and happy holiday season. Just coming by to drop a note that Vanessa Marcil will have her own gallery and possibly site. It’s kind of going to be a mini-site within Gazing Stars for Vanessa. You can already check out her GALLERY today.

With Vanessa having her own gallery/site, that means that her images will be deleted from the Gazing Stars gallery.

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