Small Changes and Additions

A few small changes and additions were done to the gallery tonight/early this morning. I tweaked the header and colors for the main site and gallery. Images feature model/actor Noah Mills.

As for the gallery, I re-uploaded Janet Jackson’s images in the Images Collection category. Those images were not right for some strange reason and now they are.

A new category was added titled the Classics Collection, which will feature several images of classic stars including on set images, promo shots, movie stills, and more.

Also added the following albums: Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas (P), Amerie (P), Christian Cruz (PS), Goran Jurenec (PS), Amber Pyper (PS), Fabiana Tambosi (PS).

I might also try to give Eva Longoria her own spotlight gallery as well again. She has a lot of pictures and probably needs to be branched off into her own gallery domain. I hope to start that process either some time this week or next weekend.

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