Gallery Changes

Vanessa Marcil will be losing her spotlight star gallery. This is happening because I don’t plan on renewing the domain that’s affiliated with her gallery. Her scans, captures, and images will be moved to the main site’s gallery starting this evening.

Updated Vanessa’s Gallery

Added back some captures of Vanessa Marcil from her General Hospital days to her gallery. Captures were added from 1993, 2002-2003, 2010, and 2011.

Happy Fourth!

On this Independence Day, the domain for Gazing Stars has been renewed for another year. Thanks to all of the visitors who continue to make this site great. Let’s go for another year.

To celebrate, several images and scans have been added to Jennifer’s gallery. I added photo shoots, television appearances, performing, and more.

Eva Leaves Gazing Stars

Eva Longoria’s spotlight gallery is branching off into her own site. Yes, I am once again trying to maintain another site for Eva Longoria. You can access the site here. All of Eva’s images will be deleted from the Gazing Stars gallery and her site will be added as a family affiliate site.

Jennifer’s Gallery

Added images and scans back to Jennifer’s gallery this afternoon. Images were added in the following categories: Magazine Scans and Public Appearances (which include award show appearances and events).

Eva’s Gallery

Images, scans, and captures have started being added to Eva Longoria’s spotlight gallery. Her images will start disappearing at the main gallery because of this. The link for Eva’s gallery has already been added to the Spotlight Stars section.

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